Chemical Peels

Who should get Chemical Peels?

Chemical peels are an effective treatment option for most skin types and concerns. Peels improve fine lines and wrinkles, tone, texture, breakouts and dark spots. Many people are intimidated to go in for their first peel treatment for fear of leaving with a bright red face that hurts but this misconception prevents some from experiencing the many benefits of a peel. The post-peel reality is a glowing, healthy complexion.

What is a chemical peel all about?

When your skin peels or flakes after a treatment your skin is shedding dead and damaged surface cells and revealing new, healthy skin cells. This action is called cell turnover or exfoliation. Supporting the cell turnover process with chemical peels is what allows the skin to bring new, fresh skin cells to the surface, and alleviate signs of aging and sun damage. The result is glowing skin.

How much will I peel?

Everyone experiences different levels of peeling which depends on skin type, resilience, type of peel used and the number of layers applied. Some people experience ‘sheeting,’ when large portions of the skin peel off at once. Some experience ‘flaking,’ when small pieces of skin peel off, similar to dry, winter skin or mild peeling after a sunburn. Others experience exfoliation that is not visible. If you don’t peel, your skin is still exfoliating. In this case, the exfoliation is happening on a cellular level that can’t be seen by the naked eye. Typically, the deeper the peel you receive, the more extensive peeling you will experience.

What activities can I do after a peel?

Peels are easy to work into a busy lifestyle as there is no downtime — you’ll leave your appointment with a healthy glow and able to carry on with your regular activities. There are steps to ensure that your results are maximized. You will receive a recommended post procedure protocol following your peel to enhance your results. You should also avoid anything that causes sweating for 48 hours after treatment. Your clinician will give you more detailed instructions after your procedure which is catered to your skin’s needs.


Here at Tranquility, we use products such as PCA SKIN® peels as well as others that are not only researched and developed by scientific professionals but backed by proven results and customer satisfaction. PCA SKIN® peels use salicylic, lactic, and trichloroacetic acids as well as others to rejuvenate skin by removing dead skin cells, increasing cell turnover rate, and stimulating collagen production. The result is improvement in fine lines and texture, brighter skin, reduced acne breakouts, decreased discoloration as well as reduced redness and signs of aging and sun damage. Every client’s skin is evaluated by a certified chemical peel specialist and a customized formular is chosen based on the condition of the skin.