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At Tranquility Aesthetics and Wellness Center, the only thing that is valued more than helping clients achieve optimal health is fostering long-lasting relationships. Tranquility prides itself on developing a welcoming and comfortable environment. As new ways are discovered to improve your health. Spend some personal time for yourself in our relaxing and inviting culture here at Tranquility Wellness and Aesthetic Center.

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At Tranquility, We offer customized treatment plans for clients. Whether it’s injectable treatments, medical-grade skincare products or wellness consults. Tranquility works to give you the best results possible for the goals you set. Tranquility uses scientifically proven techniques and procedures to provide you with the radiant look and feel you deserve at a budget you can afford. Let Tranquility help you find the services that meet your needs.

Renee Graham MSN, APRN-BC

Renee Graham MSN, APRN-BC, CCRN has worked in various healthcare settings for over 36 years ranging from hospital critical care units. Acute outpatient telehealth services to the care of the psychiatric patient and those individuals in recovery from addictions. She has been certified as cosmetic injector since 2016. Her training includes the advanced level of neuromodulators, dermal fillers, microneedling, chemical peels, and medical weight loss. She is a member of the International Association of Physicians in Aesthetic Medicine and the American Medical Spa Association. Both of which she has extensively trained with.

Her philosophy is based in a holistic approach in caring for the whole person-body, mind, and spirit. And that wellness is the result of the synergistic effect of the interaction of the individual aspects of the person. Hence, she provides and wide array of treatments. She grew up in southeastern Connecticut and traveled to many various areas of the world and experienced many different cultures. However, her love for Connecticut brought back to her home state where she currently resides with her husband in northeastern Connecticut.

Why Choose Tranquility Wellness and Aesthetic

Exceptional Service – Every time
Aesthetic and Wellness Center’s highly trained and certified medical professionals are dedicated to what they do best, i.e., to help people feel and look their best. Utilizing best practices as a top priority, Tranquility Wellness and Aesthetic Center strives to deliver excellent service to every patient, every time!

Latest Technology
Tranquility incorporates the latest and the most scientifically proven and FDA approved techniques in its’ treatment plans. Providers participate in continuous training and education to enhance their skills to ensure the best outcomes for the results you seek. Staying up to date on the latest keeps Tranquility as one of the top performers in your community.

Tranquility Helps You Achieve Full Vitality
We collaborates with clients and helps them to reach their full vitality. Tranquility’s methods are comprised of exploring new ways to care for the body, mind, and spirit as wellness is a state created by the interaction of all of these aspects of the person.

Tranquility Provides You with a Positive Experience
We prides itself on providing a positive experience to their clients. Tranquility believes that receiving care that helps you to feel and look your best should be a positive and rejuvenating experience. Come visit Tranquility and its’ culture that is relaxing, inviting, and rejuvenating.

Let Tranquility help you achieve the best version of yourself!

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